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WooCommerce Wallet


Wallet, cashback, and refunds system for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Wallet

Add a wallet system to your website, allowing your customers to checkout using funds that they have already deposit in their accounts, process refunds, withdrawal requests and user-to user-transfers.

Cashback Rewards

Offer your customers cashback rewards when they purchase a product from your site, fixed amounts or percentages based on the item price added directly to their wallets after purchase.

Product Features

Some of WooCommerce Wallet key features

Wallet System

In-site wallet payment system allowing you to create a new source of revenue from wallet top-ups

Refund Sysem

Allow your customers to send refund request and process the refunds directly to their wallets

User-To-User Transfers

Give your customers the option to send money to each other using the wallet funds

Encrypted Balances

The wallet amounts in the database are encrypted to prevent tempting if the database is compromised

Wallet Top-up

Customers can add funds to their wallets using one of the top-up options that the admin can enable.

Outstanding Support

We provide fast, professional support. Feel free to ask your questions, and we will answer as soon as possible.

Cashback System

Reward your customers and invite them to purchase more by offering cashback rewards

Withdrawal System

Give your customers the option to send you withdrawal requests for the amounts available in their wallets

Partial Payments

If the wallet balance is not enough, the wallet can be used in combination with another payment method

Transactions History

All the transactions made using the wallet are saved to give you full insight into how it is being used

Feature Requests

If there is a feature that you want to be added, contact us and tell us about it and we will be happy to add it.

Translation Ready

Translation files are included in the package so you can easily translate the plugin to your language

Core Features

Some of the core feature that the WooCommerce Wallet provides


To make sure that the funds are secure, we added encryption. All the amounts in the database are encrypted using two secret keys that you choose.

Bulk Import

To save time, you can import wallets from CSV files. Exported wallets can be edited and imported back to the system

Powered By

Developed specifically for WooCommerce, which means it 100% compatible with it, and we continue to add support for third-party plugins.

Why Choose
WooCommerce Wallet

WooCommerce Wallet is the All-in-one WooCommerce plugin that your store needs to create an in-site payment system that adds a lot of features to your store that benefits you and your customers.